Nerou Huang. 20. Heiress. Untouchable. 假装出来的身份,假装出来的幸福,假装出来的微笑,这个世界,还有什么不是假的。
Status is everything.
s t a t u s
❝There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.❞
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[OFFICIAL] Gil Me – Concept Photo For ‘2 Face’ 2000x1334
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jxnghyxnseung said: Is China nice? I don't think I've ever been.

It is. Media makes it seem awful, but it’s really a beautiful place. You should come with sometime.

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jxnghyxnseung said: Yes, really. You're #1 ho, always (...I promise that's a good thing.) And, I miss you too. Quite a lot.

I better be, and you better miss me. I’m a jewel.

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txemin said: YOU.


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jxnghyxnseung said: People annoy me. Maybe I should move out of Korea, jesus.

Oh tell me about it. I miss China so much.

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jxnghyxnseung said: Also, your life. Like, what you been up to?

Same old, same old. Business, work, relax, sleep, repeat. Nothing new, as usual.

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jxnghyxnseung said: Ha– whoever comes and goes in my life, you're always the #1 ho.


I’m touched. Honestly. No sarcasm. 

I miss you.

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Reminder: 9 fav selcas for seunseung

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peace offering #2 for best ho, who i neglect too much?

I thought you were about to say #2 ho, and I was gonna get real upset.
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jxnghyxnseung said: Nerou. Why are people so annoying?

I’ve been asking myself the same thing for like my entire stay in this country.

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jxnghyxnseung said: Well, yeah. I am back. /shrug. Update me on the life of my favourite gege, will you?

What life—

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Anonymous said: whispers - shadowbaekhyun(.)tumblr(.)com look at that.

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raepharos said: i'm larry, but most call me rae. it's lovely to meet you! i'm quite good, have had a bit of a lazy day though. how about yourself?

…Rae is a lot easier. It’s nice to put you as well, It’s been a long day, so I’m pretty tired, but still chugging along.

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raepharos said: beep boop, hello. my memory fails me, but i don't think i've spoken to you before?

Hello, hello. I don’t think we have either, but it’s never too late to start. I’m Nerou, how are you?

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jxnghyxnseung started following you

I’m going to kick your ass

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