Nerou Huang. 20. Heiress.
What would you do to have it all?

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Distraction, perhaps?



Zitao was in his bedroom, listening to more music that he didn’t understand since there wasn’t much he felt he could do. He exercised when he could, but in terms of entertaining himself, movies didn’t have nearly the same effect on him as they used to since they were mostly visual. He heard the phone ring but he disregarded it, since he wouldn’t be able to understand the person on the other end anyways.

One of his caretakers, an older woman, picked up the phone instead and answered in Korean. She was surprised when she realized that the woman on the other end was inquiring about the tutoring position, since the advertisement hadn’t been up for long. She hoped that the other would be able to come over soon, at least to meet with Zitao to see if they would be able to work well together, or rather that he’d accept her and not be stubborn about the situation. 

At the answer on the phone, Nerou curiously wondered if she’d dialed the right number. She had expected the voice to be two things they weren’t: male and Chinese. Despite the difference though, she didn’t stumble over her words—it wasn’t usual for her to—and answered appropriately. However, instead of replying in Korean, she’d switched to her mother language.  ”Is this Huang Zitao? You said you needed a Korean-Chinese tutor. I was wondering if the job was still open?”

I wish someone would brag on me for once in my life.

jxnghyxnseung: Uh- Here. I didn't go anywhere..

…You sure?

jxnghyxnseung: Hello, again.

Hello, where have you been again?

I love you. 

I love you too, Yeol

chanyeoldiamandis said: i’m cooler
Chanyeol pls, I’m trying to make more friends.
jeongguh: hello

Hello cool friend 

Distraction, perhaps?

Bored brown optics stared at the bulletin in front of her with a frown—a normal setting on her face when she was unfocused. She’d been at the bus stop for a while, but the auto had yet to arrive and her patience wore thin as it was. She had resorted to playing several games on her phone previously, but her already lowering battery had gotten to the point where the screen’s brightness had dimmed and she had about twenty percent left, and she didn’t want to waste it for the case of an emergency. Instead, she had changed her attention to the pored in front of her, proliferated with an unorderly clutter of papers. Yet among them, her eyes easily spotted the Chinese written on a single sheet.

It stuck out like a sore thumb really—Chinese among the abundance of Korean characters. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d used her mother language…mostly when Yixing was around and he rarely really made it a habit of visiting her often. She read the page—an automatic response—and realized it was more of a request for help than an announcement. Someone had found their way into soul and needed help. Korean wasn’t too hard of a language—so she thought—and the thing this person needed was a tutor. With a shrug, she dialed the number, waiting for an answer, and already thought of a reply if sent to voicemail.

— Anonymous: Do you ever think of old friends? Ever wish you could change things between them?

Always, but something like that is a two-part effort. I love all my friends, all of them. However, as time goes by I become less important for them, and in a way, that’s okay. Life isn’t always fair and I’m glad that we had the memories that we did and I was able to help them. I wish I could change things, but there’s many a time where a person and I have agreed to do just that, and instead, I wake up one day and they’ve removed me from their contacts and blocked me. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do that for anyone before except a certain two maybe, and that was simply because all other solutions we’d tried hadn’t worked. Some people just don’t work out together.

However, yes, I do think of old friends. Daily. The reason I haven’t changed my url ever since the beginning is because I want people to be able to find me if they need someone. I wish I could change things, but if they’re not willing, then what can I do?

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no one ever likes me as much as i like them and that’s it 

zuoti: WoahohoHO- your icon. Can I watch?

get oUT

jxnghyxnseung: Miss you, ho.

Miss you too—

Where have you been?




Of course I’ll share with you Rou.

I love you—

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the-nerou said: YOU HAVE A HUNGRY FRIEND

Does that friend’s name happen to be Rourou?


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dumgutt: yes hi i love you

yes hi i love you too